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When B Neighbours become B Friends: Sixty Million Postcards

I am rarely in Bournemouth - it is far less rad than it's 'B neighbour' down the road, Brighton. So when you sit down and do the math it's not only worse but also further away, which can't be good... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Sausage Factory: Brasserie Zédel

Converting stuff to other stuff is very popular nowadays, and the reasons are obvious. start with something you don't want anymore, decide to change it into something else, spend far more time and money than it would take to start... Continue Reading →

500 Days of Nick Knowles: The Two Brewers

Back in the day the only weather concern people had was if it was going to kill you or not. Ideally it would not kill you, but perhaps would kill one or two of your weaker children, freeing up valuable... Continue Reading →

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