Recently I was forwarded an email letting me know that something called Clapton Craft was opening in the neighbourhood. Amongst other things it advised me that their new store may be a suitable venue to fill up my growler.

I had to look up what a growler is. But imagine my astonishment when I did. To think I lasted this long without somewhere so convenient to replenish it.

A growler, in case you didn’t know, is a ceramic jug that heavily bearded men use to store rapidly decarbonating pale ale that they have inexplicably paid bar prices for, but wish to enjoy in their shed. And why not – if you don’t mind the cold and spiders and splinters and that feeling that life really has nothing left for you it’s the perfect place for a draft beer or two. Just you, your growler and that existential sense of dread, just like the old days.

If, coincidentally, you are in possession of a bone dry growler I have some bad news for you. Clapton Craft wont be opening their doors for another month or so. Sign up to their email newsletter and they’ll let you know when they do.